Diggin’ for 50 Cent Records

Woke up Sunday morning pretty early. Artemis made made some coffee and we linked up with the bredren, Dawit Justice & Mr. Kees to go diggin’ for wax in Costa Mesa.

Some years back, when record stores were still doing fairly well, and were able to keep their doors open, we selectahs had a spot in Costa Mesa to hit up for goodies: Noise Noise Noise. Well it’s been closed for a few years now but, the Owner, Old Dirty Boba Phat still has tons of vinyl stored away. So he blessed some folks with a text message to be at designated coordinates, and the diggin’ commences…

Artemis, Dawit, Kees & June22… and we’re off.

Coffee buzzzzzzzz.

50 Cent Records? yayerrrr!

Dawit Justice Gettin’ Fingers Dusty.

Ol’ Dirty Boba? (strollin’ in the background) Dawit, Mr. Kees & June22…. and Stacey Lattisaw.

From behind the 8 Track cassettes.

Biggy tee, check. Casio Gold Calculator watch, check, a pile of 50 Cent Records, check.

Found many gems today.

Stay diggin’.

Gotta do the Record Face!

By no means rare, but the NaS,  Stillmatic intro sample is dope to have.

A bit more Rare, with some dope grooves. check a sample below.

after speaking with Mr. Kees and Dawit Justice and hearing they came up too, I’de say we spent our Sunday morning wisely… without spending much loot.

I spent $10 and came up on a little over 20+ 12″s with some breaks and other gems for me to mess with too. Proper.

for those in the know…. JUNE14th is the Beat Swap, from 12-6pm @ the GrandStarr Jazz Club. Bring Canned Goods… I will be there joining Listen Recovery Crew behind the sellers table, cleaning vinyl with the VPI HW-17F.. check us out


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