San Diego ComicCon 09′ in photo

I was seriously blessed this past week, and came up on a Free 4 day pass to Comic Con (thanks Nisha). I have never gone, but I know for a fact, I will be going back next year without any doubt. It’s an addicting experience, with an unbelievable amount to check out… Not limited to comics: Everything from fine art, video games, discussion panels, movie and TV stars, music icons, costumed heroes, monsters, half naked vampiresses and warrior princesses… amazing.

Here is just a bit of what I captured in my 2 days there.

OG Hip Hop Producer, NYC Legend Dante Ross of Stimulated Dummies, geekin’ out. So Dope.

Sorry for the blurred pic, but it’s Daphne of Heroes, even standing still, she moves quickly.

Next post on Indie Comic Artist, Sam Hiti

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4 thoughts on “San Diego ComicCon 09′ in photo

  1. with all those folks in costume, I bet some freaky sex went down in the hotels of San Diego that weekend! hee hee

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