Artist Feature: Samuel Hiti

At my visit to the International Comic-Con in San Diego, I got to speak with an indie comic artist out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Samuel Hiti, and his editor Joseph Midthun, of La Luz Comics.

Sam is the creator of quite a few, well written and beautifully illustrated graphic novels, most notably, Tiempos Finales, which has been optioned for a live, big screen adaptation, through Focus Features, distributors of Being John Malkovich, Coraline, Milk and other major films. The movie is rumored to possibly star Benicio Del Toro.

Also under his belt, El Largo Tren Oscuro, “The Long Dark Train” and Death Day, as well as an illustrated 6 book set on Ancient Civilizations, covering the Romans, Chinese, Aztecs, Babylonians, Greeks and Egyptians. Sam has also authored an ongoing collection of books, featuring sketches and shorts, entitled Goulash.

Check some pics and please, look into Sam’s work. If you can, go support by getting your own copies through his blog: Sam Infatuation’s. I picked up Goulash, Volume 1 and Death Day: Prologue for myself, along with some limited edition, screened posters.

Limited edition Tiempos Finales Poster, signed by Sam.

Sam speaks with a few fans at his booth.

My signed and illustrated copy of Death Day.

Limited Edition, silk screened poster, signed by Sam.

Sam, Illustrating personal covers of Death Day.

Samuel Hiti and Joseph Midthun, posing for the camera, thanks fellas.

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