FREE DOWNLOAD: “Be Free Now” by Shania Domingo

A NOTE from the Artist:

Today I am offering my new motivational cd for for free download. Its based off a book I wrote which has went through many working titles. The CD itself is called be free now.

It is entirely produced by Cave and features 10 motivational lessons that I feel can help you to reshape and re-balance your life and gain freedom. We have so many things that we allow to enter our conscious each day such as negative thoughts, self doubt, judgment and fear. I believe that this CD can help you to look at life and yourself in a more positive manner. This past weekend I was a part of a global event called Live H20. This event was put on with the intent of healing the water, the water in ourselves and the ocean. There are scientific studies that prove the effects that words have on bodies of water and since we are made of water these effects can also be related to our bodies and spirits so words that have a negative incantation can hurt us, while words that are positive can heal us. Think of saying thank you, I love you, you are beautiful more than looking at faults and finding the negative.

This has everything to do with LOVE>>

So I invite you to listen to my CD for free. Download and see how it makes you feel. Leave a message and or comment and share your experiences as well.

I know many of us are conscious, are on the path to self love and we need to be more aware of how words impact our lives and the lives of those around us. for we are one, so I offer my piece to you to regain the peace in u.

Shania D.

DOWNLOAD “Be Free” by Shania Domingo HERE

if you feel inspired to support Shania’s cause, you can make a LOVE Donation here:

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