Stedapol C.C. Watt: Super Real Soul

Did a stop over in Fullerton, at The Continental Room, on Tuesday Night with my gal Artemis. We wanted some bloody Mary’s and to chill a bit, maybe get lucky by hearing some good tunes… we had no idea we would get such a cool treat.

Stedapol C.C. Watt is from East Los Angeles, and has been playing at The Continental Room since August…?! So where have I been? Missing it.

The band’s a three piece: Rob Brill (drums), Jonny Brill (bass) and Rodney Gardiner (vocals, guitar). They got some serious chops on the soul tip… REAL Soul, REAL Blues. Great rhythm, deep bass and Rodney, the singer, has so much heart behind that tenor. I was transported to 1960’s, Mississippi Delta with only one recurring thought: “These guys are really fucking good!”

If you dig Soul, Blues, Funk, Breaks n Beats, Stedapol is playing back at The Continental three more times in September: 18th, 22nd and 29th. Residents DJ Bobby Soul & Thee Conductor keep the vibe right, and the heads noddin’ on the Technics all night. VINYL is FINAL.

Download SAMBA SOUL by Stedapol C.C. Watt

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