FLASHBACK: Wreckin’ Shop… LIVE from Brooklyn

I was going down memory lane last night… this morning… til 5am.

The Polo fits are still in style, the moves are still relevant … Classic Hip Hop, shoot… Classic Dance, for those who know… and for those who don’t. Take in some history and learn somethin’ about the Suns of James Brown, who fathered many of todays styles. Some of the best dancers to hit the floor, then and now.

Go do your research, Mop Tops, Elite Force Crew… Check some of the ones still doing it and living from it. Loose Joint, Buddha Stretch.

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3 thoughts on “FLASHBACK: Wreckin’ Shop… LIVE from Brooklyn

  1. Excellent post. A friend posted the skoo74 edit of the show that EVERYONE links to, but I love that you have all 3 parts to the show complete on one page. I’m on a mission to try and contact KTCA to see if they will re0run or release the show again.


    • Thanks for the Kudos. I remember when I was dancing in crews in the early to mid 90’s this was like a jewel in the rough. the holy grail of all Dance documentaries. all my friends had bits and pieces but never the whole show. I have seen everything from the 2nd and 3rd vids on here, but the beginning I have yet to see with full audio. 😦

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