FREE & CRUCIAL: Jay Electronica – VICTORY & Nas – Queens get the Money video

I’ve Really been feelin’ Jay Electronica since my first aural encounter a couple years back now. Real Raw shit. Real Hip Hop. Real Conscious. Real Street. Many Styles…

And if you don’t already know, then search him out and Really listen to the words… Not to mention the heated beats he rhymes over. Follow him on Twitter or Myspace… Just follow him. Buy his single Exhibit C and download the new mix tape, VICTORY, by DJ Dub and Furious Styles.

DOWNLOAD Jay Electronica VICTORY – The Mixtape HERE

Exhibit B Feat Mos Def
Walking J. Period Remix Feat Nneka
So What Cha Sayin
Scenario 2004
Something To Hold Onto
Poetry Interlude
Cool Relax feat Naledge
Trolley Stop
My World
Hard to Get feat Mr Porter
Extra Extra
Victory in my clutches
Swagger Jackson’s Revenge
Just Begun – feat J. Cole,Talib Kweli & Mos Def
Uzi weighs a ton
Love czars feat Taraach
Posers Feat The New Royales
Billy Stewart – Cross My Heart
Exhibit C
Googly Eyes (LIVE)
Holiday feat Mos Def
T.H.E. W.E.A.K. – Stick Up

Also, check out this Jay Elect produced track off NaS‘ N****R Album… In the form of an 8 minute video short.

Tweet this Download.


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