PROJECT: 72′ Peugeot UO-8

Came up on a hidden jewel while at the Cypress College Swap Meet one weekend in October…

I managed to buy an old 1972 Peugeot UO-8 in beat up, but almost ride-able condition, for just $50. It has almost all original parts, including: AVA handlebars and stem, Shimano 333 Down Tube Shifter, hubs and rims, Dia-Comp Caliper Brakes, NOS Weinmann Brake Levers, Original Brooks B-17 Leather Saddle and original Peugeot decals.

My plan is to keep it freewheel, no fixie, and eventually get it coasting back on 12-speeds, restore the saddle, swap out the old pedals, get new tires and tubes, as well as new brake cables and housing…

Check out and Peugeot Bike-Boomers for some great info on french made bicycles.

updated pics to follow…

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