Just Listen To This, Episode 1: Curtis “LIVE” from the Bitter End, NYC

by S.Boogie – Vinyl Guy, Music Passionist

Curtis Mayfield -Curtis “Live” from the Bitter End, NYC
(1971) Curtom Records

“Now ladies and gentlemen the Bitter End is proud to present….”

Hopefully Curtis Mayfield doesn’t need some drawn out rant… over explaining such an obvious genius kind of misses the point.

Everyday guy, organic, intelligent, stripped down, beautiful Soul Music. Curtis’ ability to reach inside you and plead for your humanity, your grace, your compassion and your love is something that is hard explain, but easy to feel. Expressing common truth “We People Who Are Darker Than Blue”, painting back alley street scenes “Stone Junkie” or letting his woman know who she is “The Makings Of You”, Curtis always gave it to us straight up while never forgetting to leave the door open for a thing called hope.

This is, Essential listening for sure!

Respect – Boog

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