FREE CINEMA: The Vodka Wars by The VICE Guide to Travel

My families heritage originates in Poland, the land of Solidarność and Wadka, or as we all know it best… Vodka. Both my mother and father were born in Poland, and came to America to originally settle in Chicago, the 2nd largest polish population outside of Warsaw. So, when I came across the Vice Guide to travels “Wadka Wars”, I stopped and checked out the episode. I found out some interesting things about the history or Vodka, and reminded a bit more about the solidarity movement in Poland…

Whether you like to drink or just like documentaries about travel and history, check out the prelude and episode below…

“The history of vodka is deeply entangled in European geopolitics, Cold War-era spycraft, and a trademark dispute so old it predates the printing press. In the late 1970s, Poland made a claim before the International Trade Court that since vodka was first brewed within its borders, only Polish distilleries had the right to call their product “vodka.” Everyone else had to use the slightly-less-marketable term “bread wine.” Even the Russians. Unsurprisingly, this move didn’t sit too well with heads of the USSR’s bread-wine industry, who hired a historical ringer to dig through musty old tomes for proof that they were the originators of the world’s most popular breakfast liquor. While the court sided with the Russians, the trade war over vodka has continued to this day, with accusations of forgery and recriminations and the threat of thermonuclear war hanging over the whole proceeding.”

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