Just Listen to This, Episode 2: Michael Prophet “Righteous Are The Conqueror”

by S.Boogie – Vinyl Guy, Music Passionist

Michael Prophet – “Righteous Are The Conqueror”
( 1981) Greensleeves

“For all the things you’ve done to me….”

(Great affliction, trial, or distress; suffering: Their tribulation has finally passed.)

In reggae terms…just the ups and downs of life. Whether it be political, financial or in this case love, it’s the backbone of Roots. We have all felt it from time to time. So when Michael Prophet released his seminal album “Gunman” in 1981, the world felt it and began to recognize a true, original Reggae voice! The year before “Righteous Are The Conqueror”slipped under the radar, although just as solid as it’s follow-up. With the legendary“Junjo” Lawes and Scientist on the boards at Channel One, cuts like “You are a no good”, “Cassandra” and “Long, long Tribulation offer a huge dub sound, great brass work and an honesty that is sometimes an illusion in modern music. A human being expressing his feelings without regard to vanity, ego or insecurity…get into Michael Phophet!


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