Jouvon Michael’s Sad Stories

Peace, greetings, Waddup, As-Salaam-Alaikum. I come to you all in happiness and sorrow. As this weekend was a great weekend at the “Sounds on Cotton” event at the PAS Gallery and the “X is the Weapon” Studio Grand opening. I am sorry to inform the people of America that I am unable to post any images or video at this time. The source of my sorrow originates with Macintosh engineering and the products their company provides. Although my laptop can be carbon dated back to 2005 and is slower than my cell phone, I did expect longevity with products of that caliber. To make a long story short…I go to plug in my laptop and freakin’ sparks fly out of it. I almost died…but I must admit it was tight. So…that’s my sad story. So although my sorry ass cant come thru with footage of these two great events I’m sure my associates got some great action and will be posting shortly.

Thank You,

P.S. These aren’t tears…its gloss. My eyes get glossy whenever I say manly shit…


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