BackBay Science Building

Took a nice long bike ride with Artemis Nolasco, and our Friends Miran and Brian Konoske, saw some cool architecture in the Newport backBack.


FRESH VIDS & PHOTOS: COMUNE: Throttled – Ride & Photography

Throttled pt.1
Throttled pt.2

FRESH VIDEOS: The Street Aesthetic of New York City

Saw this posted on facebook… dope short, shot on a Canon EOS 550D by Christian Andersen. Shot in a city I have visited only once so far, but love nonetheless, for the connection it holds in my heart and mind. So much energy and creativity spews from it’s streets and it’s people… NYC. Enjoy.


I Meant to post this yesterday, but I wanted to make sure I gave you all I could in regards to KASE2, Thank you for so much beautiful work… Rise In Power to the King of Style, you will be missed.

KASE2 Interview (parts 1-3)

STYLE WARS (parts 1-5)

photos courtesy of Martha Cooper and others

FRESH SITE: Sneakshot

My very talented Friend from DC has her site up and running… if you want to be exposed to some undeniably fresh photography of your favorite Musicians. search no further… SERIOUSLY. Peep SNEAKSHOT.NET and tell her how much you are diggin’ it via twitter – Carrington Deveraux

ART: MOCA Art In The Streets

Here is small portion of the photos Artemis Nolasco and I took while we visited the MOCA‘s exhibit “Art In The Streets” … Outside, Inside, Bottom to Top… the spot was filled with every form of graffiti, Street art, railroad art, Propaganda and history you could possibly imagine. Words really cannot express it, and these photos may only wet your palette. Amazing.


a film by greg roman (via MOCA Blog)

Birds Of A Feather
© 2011 The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA)

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