FRESH VIDEOS: Jay Electronica – New Balance Commercial


FRESH VIDEOS: 20 Grand Pikaso – Press Record

the homie from BK, Brownsville… 20 Grand Pikaso from the Hoodlum Mixtape hosted by DJ TJ The King.

FRESH VIDEOS: The Bullitts & Jay Electronica – Mos Eisley EP

The Travels of Jay Electronica

this was posted on Jay Elects twitter last night. travel vlog. peep the organ loop though.


Jay Electronica in Nepal “Dimethyltryptamine”

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MAKING TEE’S: Jay Electronica& Jay ElecHanukkah& Jay ElecYarmulke& Jay ElecRamadaan Muhammad Asalaamica

Recently threw together a design based off one of those AKA tees, you know the ones… My thought being, “How come no one is doing this yet?”

Of course I’ve been bumpin’ a heavy dose of Jay Electronica like so many of us have been for awhile now, and decided to be a bit creative, with some powerful lyrics and fluid delivery being the inspiration.

After several tweets and quite a demand, I got on my grind, and took what was originally intended for my chest only, and made it available for the heads that care. Aided by the bredren, Renzo at Screen & Bros, the people now have some fits to rep their favorite Hip Hop hero.

Thanks for those who hit me up to make them, Just Blaze for Re-Tweeting my original TwitPic and Jay Elect for requesting one too! The rest is up to you… hit the shopping cart. I’m sellin’ em cheap… no need to exploit the God. LET’S BRING THE GAME BACK!


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