CRUCIAL VIDEO: Nneka – Soul Is Heavy

crucial artist. my sis Shania got it right… “While you still waiting for Lauryn to make a record. listen to Today’s dopest outspoken female artist in my opinion.” this is too dope and too important to pass on.


FRESH SITE: Sneakshot

My very talented Friend from DC has her site up and running… if you want to be exposed to some undeniably fresh photography of your favorite Musicians. search no further… SERIOUSLY. Peep SNEAKSHOT.NET and tell her how much you are diggin’ it via twitter – Carrington Deveraux

Flying Lotus- Lovers Melt 2

Love is the Weapon

Δ::REST:: gil scott-heron & brian jackson – delta man (1977)

The Parliaments: LIVE 1969

The Parliaments were a doo-wop quintet from Plainfield, New Jersey, formed in the back room of a barbershop in the late 1950s and named after the cigarette brand. After some early personnel changes their lineup solidified with George Clinton, Ray Davis, Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas. Clinton was group leader, manager, and part owner of the barbershop where the group convened to entertain customers.

After the success of “(I Wanna) Testify”, Clinton became embroiled in a contractual dispute surrounding the bankruptcy of Revilot Records and temporarily lost the rights to the name “The Parliaments.” In order to continue recording for other labels, Clinton renamed the entire ensemble Funkadelic (a name coined by bassist Billy Bass Nelson), which Clinton positioned as a funk-rock band featuring the five backing musicians with the five Parliaments singers as uncredited guests. When Revilot declared bankruptcy the Parliaments were sold to Atlantic Records, and Clinton abandoned doo-wop to avoid working for Atlantic. Even with Funkadelic operating as a recording and touring entity, in 1970 Clinton relaunched the Parliaments as a new R&B-based funk band, now known as Parliament. The lineup still consisted of the five original singers plus the five backing musicians, with the two acts signed to different labels and marketed as performing different types of funk.

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Estelle feat. Rick Ross•• “Break My Heart”

Bill Withers – use me